234 - Das bed. Some days I miss having a permanent bed and dream of a bigger rv. Every day it's a mandatory task to put the bed away otherwise there is no room to function. Some days (usually Sundays) we leave it down all day and lounge in-n-out of it throughout the day. Either way it's not life on auto pilot. It requires a bit more effort. a labor of van love! Check out the link in bio and you'll find a video with snippets of what making the bed entails. Thanks to @trucksdotcom for the article and video about our vanlife story! G'Nite! 🤙🏼http://bit.ly/truckscom #dasMAXimusvanigus
217 - Hey everyone! We just bought this RAD vehicle so Mike (vanartman) handed over the reigns to the instagram! We are a family that travels a lot and we have some big plans in store. Stay tuned for the continued customization and lots more #sprinterlove
169 - #SprinterLove just landed @grizzlydaboss 😤 @allan_ab_ 🎬 w/ @lilkimthequeenbee 👑🐝
126 - 90% complete! I have to hand it to my buddy @natecoveyeiw and his company @expressioninwood for the finishing touches I'm so pumped. #sprinter #sprintervan #sprinterlife #sprinterlove
113 - My new favorite kind of multitasking: wine and van insulation and sexy gloves! #sprinterlove
72 - Sprinter/ 100x15cm/ spraypaint with stencils on concrete/ 2017 #sprinterlove #stencilart
37 - One more dog romp complete, back into the Sprinter we go! #sprinterlove #sprintervan
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