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1340 - Follow @fakeupfix for more! Gorgeous @nazilya_mekhtieva @nazilya_mekhtieva
1219 - Meet
2511 - Eyeliner tutorial will be live tomorrow on the @ladycode_ channel! Comment below with
1563 - This #mint color is so beautiful
2575 - ☕️ = a TV network description of the first episode - tbh I would love this but it's not really a sewing challenge so idk if this is true... - QOTD: what is something you want to see on S9? - #rupaulsdragrace #rpdr #Rupaul #drag #rpdr9 #tumblr #love #wigs
2465 - Meet
3898 - Fitspo
3499 - Weekend livin
2151 - My mini bulk has not been easy . I have been consuming more food and training a lot harder and heavier then ever before . I never wanted to do a "bulk" do to the fact of being lean and shoot ready all year around which is a priority for me . Have to say b
4276 - Dont miss it
2083 - Uff
1819 - Double-tap if you're counting down to the #BigLittleLies premiere tonight.
6027 - 정말 많은 분들이 물어보셔서 공유합니당 감사해요 ㅎ #Repost @oz_factory with @repostapp ・・・ [ #오즈팩토리 ] Celeb's Pick!
1512 - Such a good sermon today at Sun Valley Community. Pastor Chad spoke on finances. He was saying how the average American spends 1% more then they make. What we need to be doing first is giving our 10% away to God because everything comes from Him anyway, s
1497 - With my beloved #wifey
6454 -
12268 - Beautiful day for a wedding celebration, waiting for the bride & groom to arrive with my partner in crime #Wifey #Chilled #Wedding #BestWayToDoIt
1726 - Bite me, eat me, love me
1648 - • EL REGRESO DE BALE • Gareth Bale después de 88 dias sin poder pisar las canchas vuelve y anota el segundo gol de la victoria del Real Madrid sobre el Espanyol y ademas anotó el gol 100 de los britanicos con el club blanco. Ya hacia falta el gales por
1358 - Hell yeah #tax #return
8722 - #return of the SLURPEE SLIME - Enjoy! If you recreate or make something like this please give credit if inspired.
1619 - In case you didn't know
14499 - . Gareth Bale Back After Work Hard
7602 - Sempre me rege, me guarde, me governe, me ilumine, amém! Domingão Abençoado!!
24770 - "sua mente é como sua casa ,só entra quem é convidado ! Por tanto seja seletiva sempre !!! " frase do dia
1984 - By @celso_tavares
12676 - New video! ➡ ☺
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