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24550 - 呃... 這不知道是什麼臉。😂 但... 背景不錯! Santa Monica 超漂亮der~ 🤤🤤🤤 #santamonica #gucci #balenciaga
13175 - 🍑🍉 @beachbody.beautiful ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ via @poolhou.se 📸 @elliejeancoffey ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #luxury #beach #body #beautiful #pool #poolhouse #beachlife #island #sexy #success #motivation #entrepreneur #losangeles #beverlyhills #calabasas #santacruz #santabarbara #kuwait #dubaimall #kuwaitcity #malibu #santamonica #longbeach #dubai #dubaimarina #abudhabi #doha #kuwaitcity
12517 - Omg last night was amazing! Went to the twilight concert at the Santa Monica Pier! ☀️ @thegr8khalid concert was lit! 🔥 And of course I packed my @steaz cactus water so I could stay hydrated & refreshed at the concert!🌵 💦 😎 #steaz #ad
10832 - Create.Connect.Inspire.🌐 Photo: @imthejam #AGameofTones Selection: @kingy_kings ↞The Team↠ @kingy_kings | @ai.visuals | @joelymm @misshattan | @pixelville | @nyctme @asteryx | @jude_allen | @monaris_ @theinkedshooter | @thirdoptic @avkinder | @brettfhill 7/9 - NYC Portrait Workshop #ShootEditLearn Link in bio for details, tickets and more.
5571 - ✨FUNCTIONAL ADDUCTOR FLEXIBILITY✨ Why not continue on the active mobility gains and into the inner thigh?! I've found most people are typically really tight or really weak on this area. This combination can lead to imbalances through the hip, knee, ankle, or even low back. 😩 Having a good balance ⚖️ between your adductor length with your hip abductor strength can be a game changer to preventing hip, knee and low back problems later down the round. 👌 I utilize concepts from @drandreospina again with these exercises to increase end range control and strength. NOTE: Please be sure to only lift the leg on surfaces adequate to YOUR body and muscle length. You want it high enough to make yourself work, but low enough to keep the pelvis as level and stable as possible. The reason for the bent leg and straight leg? 🔹 Knee extension creates a longer lever arm, making your body work harder to activate your hip abductors and maintain a longer lever. It is not necessary for the foot to come off the ground when beginning the quadruped adductor PAILS/RAILS. Move at your own pace and focus on the squeeze, not the amount of space between the ground and your foot. 🔹 You have adductors that attach to your to your lower leg (gracilis) and your upper leg (adductor magnus/longus/brevis/minimus & pectineus). Knee flexion or extension won't affect the upper leg adductors, but it will have an effect on your gracilis. Give them a try! Tomorrow I'll be giving you some more advanced adductor mobility work to start to work toward those straddles and presses 😉 #stayposted #docjenfit #move2improve #MyodetoxLA #performixdriven Powered by @performixdriven Leggings by @flo
5319 - Ending my week strong and thinking of different ways of wearing this super cool double sided #bomberjacket from @fahertybrand 😉 Any exciting plans this weekend? #casualglam
3649 - Washing down my cinnamon protein pancakes and egg whites with some good ole vitamin D milk. That's great that you workout for that hour, but what you do the other 23 is what really matters. _ ⚡️Let me change your life. 📲 Visit joshhopkinsfitness.com to start today and click link in bio @jhop01 to download my fitness app.
2570 - Muscle Beach Hype Vol. 1 By: @no_limits_li 💥▫️💥▫️💥▫️💥 - If you're looking for a summer bodyweight workout program, Check the link in my bio for 60% OFF my new⬇️ ⚡4-Week Power Shred Program⚡
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