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1237 - Don't sit there & wait for the perfect moment, because guess what? It will never come, take action now.
1175 - When you arise in the morning, think of what a privilege it is to be alive-to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love!
954 - Thank you all for 20k followers❤️ I do this for you. @thinknshine 📸: @pnh_
568 - 🔸Double tap and tag your friends. #BAB #TeamBadass _ _ _ 📷 belongs to respective owner. #motivation #inspiration #quotes #quotestoinspire #wordsofwisdom #entrepreneurship #nevergiveup #goodvibes #luxury #neverstop #words #instaquote #quoteoftheday #awesome #hustle #grind #winning #dreams #grind #badass #billionaire @taylorswift @cristiano @kevinhart4real @kimkardashian @therock @motivationmafia @thegoodquote @kevinhart4real @Nike @thenotoriousmma @jlo
369 - Never compromise for hard work and struggle. Chase your dreams and work hard for your ambitions and never ever give up. You can do it, nothing is impossible. Go for it! Live it! Love it!🙂 Picture credits @burakdogansoyal #faitsnquotes #picturequotes #motivationalpost #nothingisimpossible
254 - Eating the frog. Making hard sets easy, and easy sets easier. If you go out to your local coffee shop and see a cute girl standing in line, do you go and talk to her? Or wait for the right moment? Or is it just too difficult to do, whether it's not knowing what to say, the people who are watching may judge, etc. The situation itself may seem difficult, but it's relative. If you find harder situations and overcome them, the girl by herself will be a cakewalk. After the harder situations, you'll be more comfortable. And if you're comfortable, you'll naturally know what to say, not care what bystanders are thinking (which usually isn't much in general) and you'll walk up to her almost automatically. Here in Vegas Immersion a coach had us daygame the hardest possible sets; girls with guys, girls with their families, girls eating privately in a group in the back of a restaurant, etc. If you face these challenges, the girl by herself will be a breeze. * Another concept - guys will see a gorgeous girl, and may normally go up and talk to her. However, if it's the same situation but a guy is next to her, 99% of guys won't approach. * Instead of assuming, go up and find out their situation. Chat her up, and treat the guy as an ugly girl. Ask her how they know each other, and if they're dating then obviously back off. But half the time, they're just friends. * Golden side note: Ask HER and not him how they know each other. If you ask the guy, he may lie just so you puss off. Lastly, if you're approaching attractive girls, chances are they have tons of guy friends so it makes sense they're surrounded by men. In the end, approach all, approach and adjust, and then approach the coffee girl. -@raybayne Model:@josephineskriver
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