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18 - Great results achieved after experimenting with our Wella toners and L'oreal bleach from @rainbowhead_ph ! The charming Ms. Tin Roque sporting her new soft tones and we're loving it! We're excited to see more. Send us your colorful experiments, rainbowheads! Thank you so much @prinscessa! Available shades •MANIC PANIC• Blue Steel Classic Cotton Candy Pink Classic Deep Purple Dream Classic Hot Hot Pink Classic Purple Haze Classic Shocking Blue Classic Rockabilly blue Sirens Song Classic Ultra Violet Classic Virgin Snow Classic Mystic Heather Electric Lizard Enchanted Forest •ARCTIC FOX• 4 oz. Purple Rain 4 oz. Violet Dream 4 oz. Virgin Pink 4 oz. Sterling Silver 4 oz. Aquamarine 4 oz. Poseidon 4 oz. Periwinkle 4 oz. Girls Night 4 oz. Aquamarine 4 oz. Iris Green 4 oz. Neon Moon 8oz. Phantom Green 8oz. Transylvania 8 oz. Purple Rain 8 oz. Sterling Silver 8 oz. Virgin Pink 8 oz. Aquamarine 8 oz. Violet Dream 8 oz. Poseidon 8 oz. Girls Night 8 oz. Periwinkle #manicpanic #arcticfox #hairdyesph Also available @madkahuna.cebu #WellaToners #hairtoners #haircolorsph #rainbowhead #haircoloring #madkahunacebu
7 - Hair goals? Miochic Eve Temporary Hair-Highlighter is now available in the PH. Fresh from Singapore 😊 Also available Miochic Acrylic Nail Polish, visit luckyshop888 for more info 😊 - Can use 13-15times (depends how you use it) - Hair must be dry before applying it - Needs hairdryer to dry off (estimate 15-30seconds) - Need to use shampoo to remove it - Colors won't stain on clothings - 6 colors for Php999 Meet ups: LRT/MRT Stations(60 handling fee) Cash on delivery within MM(120 delivery fee) Shipping Nationwide via XEND Interested pls PM me (for fast deal) SMS/ Viber: 09058551993 FB: luckyshop888
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