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11358 - Life's a... What do you think?  Would you wear this ?  Tag someone who would . Follow @travelzvibe for more! . All credits to respective owner(s) |  #travelzvibe . . _📸- @tanjche46
2583 - Follow @exotictouch21
2427 - Model: @abigailratchford
1174 - Морковка 🥕 благодарит вас за 10k 😍 Спасибо ♥️
844 - "Today is our annibersaree, mudder?!" (Today is Anubis's Gotcha Day!!!! Posting late today because we also got power back at home and have been moving back to our normal routine. But 4 years ago today, I brought home a 5lb, 6 week old, greyhound that needed a home. Love you baby boy....you're my best friend, my little guy, my sidekick, and you make me so happy 😍) #happynoobiversary
458 - So, this little tool kept jumping with his front paws on the counter tops. It was kinda cute, but NOT allowed, so I sat back to video and grab the ecollar remote for the next time..then this happened. #notacat #crazyaf #malinoismonday
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