319 - The days most obnoxious patient... Changing this things spark plugs involved squeezing my arms into incredibly small spaces and feeling blindly around for nearly an hour, and then when I finished with that the ignition switch locked itself into a bind that we have not been able to undo yet... Maybe tomorrow. #FordAerostar #StupidCar #FoundOnRoadDead #GreaseMonkey #ShopLife
77 - Pimpin #fordaerostar in Englewood
69 - Heroes in a half shell. Been watching this can come together over the past 5 years or so as it usually parks near my office. Nice Work! It used to have the sweet spoiler on the back roof. #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #vanlife #fordaerostar #turtlepower
41 - You can't run away from yourself. You can only see the light within you to help others see theirs. #luckywelivehawaii #SASHAfierce #fordaerostar #vanlife • • Camp out west side O'ahu. Mākua beach. Come cruise with the Love Tribe of the Double Rainbow. fire flow, yoga, dancing, artsy fartsy DJ spinning funky tunes, acoustic jam. Here until Sunday evening!
16 - #aerostarsofcraigslist - This seller offers a straight-faced no-frills bare-bones description, and if the mechanical condition of the van is as accurately described as the color is, then this is a bargain at $1500. It features alloy wheels that sit absolutely perfectly on subtle whitewall-ed tires, as well as grey plastic bumper covers and the coveted and revered "Electronic 4 Wheel Drive" system. The fairly rare bright blue paint scheme is the piece-de-resistance on this all business utilitarian Aerostar, which looks as gorgeous as it did when it came off the assembly line in St. Louis, Missouri some 21 years ago. #fordaerostar #aerostar
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