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10094 - It's not that I'm addicted to #englishtea I just like throwing parties 247 that involve a lot of tea... Well only tea... You know those 'party for one' types, requires less washing up, so it's more environmentally friendly 👍🙈 #doingmybit Do you prefer Coffee☕ or Tea🍵...?
6015 - Chocolate mousse cake super easy DIY! 👇🏼Comment down below your favourite cake flavour! Mine is carrot cake or Chocolate Mousse! 👇🏼🙊🍫 〰〰〰〰 Follow @dubaitastes ‼️TAG YOUR FRIENDS‼️ 〰〰〰〰 📸@buzzfeedtasty
3277 - Today was the last day of #Ramadan And our 30 Days 30 Restaurants challenged completed with @nael_abu_alteen !! Happy Eid everyone!! ☺️☺️ . i am so happy that we shared together 29 different experiences during this month from 29 different restaurants/Hotels. . Keep your eyes on the page and follow the next campaign. Something special coming. . Last iftar @shangrila_dubai we are trying this special buffet to celebrate the holy month of Ramdan. @shangrila_dubai 29th day of Ramdan Iftar @shangrila_dubai ✔️ Enjoy this Ramdan Iftar for only 179 A E D! Follow my story to see the full experience!!!
789 - Because no great story ever started with a salad... So treat yourself to the Filet de Boeuf and see how wonderfully your story will unfold @lecirquedubai #dubaiadvisor #LeCirque #LeCirqueDubai #DubaiRestaurants #DubaiFoodie #DIFC #RamadaninDubai #Dubaifood #meat #meatlover @dubaidaycom #dubaidaycom #dubaiday #dubai #food
590 - "Ramac 'N' Cheese🧀🍜(Four Cheese Ramen Noodles, Parmesan Chicken Broth, Smoked Pancetta, Scallops)" @rising_sun_workshop~ From the Ramen Genius of Newtown @nickusun of @rising_sun_workshop combining Ramen and Mac n Cheese🍜+🧀!!!! Rules breaking, Cultures blending, and Umami exploding... Only in Newtown😉🧀🍜👍🏻👌🏻!!!!!
572 - I can already hear the boys gathering up in the yard.
499 - Some of our customers can't wait until they're home to eat our cookies. Just don't eat and drive! Image by: @7udhaifa
167 - | ‎مطعم شاورما جريل هاوس، أسعار معقوله و أكل لذيذ لكن شاورما كان بارد و يقدم بصوص الطّحينة😒😒 و فتوش يقدم مع الخس آيسبرغ، انا شخصيا حبيت شاورما مع صلصة الثوم و فتوش مع الخس روماني. مكانهم شارع جميرا دبي. ___________________________________________________ Liked the tastes of food here, however I may come back there for NON-Shawarma dishes. The whole point of Shawarma is to be served hot, mine was cold and served with Tahini sauce. I prefer GARLIC sauce for a true classic taste.., so disappointing!😞 The portion was generous & service was good. Their Fattoush salad was fresh but served with 'Iceberg lettuce' which basically should be served with 'Romaine' lettuce. Shawarma grill house in Jumeirah. #dubai_fo0d
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