168 - This is my favorite preparation of halibut I've ever had. Yes, I feel strongly about it. Served with black beans and pickled red onions, this was another winner from @mexiquechicago
73 - It's lunch time Egg shack lovers try our Tandoori chicken biryani: biryani rice served with tandoori chicken with the side of egg served with fried onion and yogurt. انه وقت الغداء 🍽️ ونقدم لكم طبق برياني الدجاج التندوري مع البيض و خلطة الروب . #abudhabi #simplyabudhabi #abudhabimagazine #abudhabiinstagram #abudabi #abudhabiweek #abudhabifoodies #abudhabifoodie #abudhabicity #abudhabievents #abudhabibreakfast
69 - 😂😂 Cook for your loved ones in 30 minutes with #hellochefme 🥘
62 - If you want to soar in life you first must learn to F.L.Y *first love yourself* flaws and all... - - - #abudhabi #abudhabiinstagram #abudhabifashion
40 - An authentic Szechuan dish and often described using seven characteristics: 麻 ( má , numbing), 辣 ( là , spicy), 烫 ( tàng , hot), 鲜 ( xiān , fresh), 嫩 ( nèn , tender), 香 ( xiāng, aromatic), and 酥 ( sū , flaky), Mabo tofu is made with soft bean curd in a spicy chilli and bean sauce served with chicken and Szechuan pickled vegetable.
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