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5988 - Happy Happy Super Sunday! Your Faith will cause you to manifest only what you Require! #ifyouwantmorerequiremore #lifecoach2women #quote
673 - Don't waste time, do something and discover the truth 😃🙏🎯💯👍 🙋‍🔝 If you have nothing else to do, checkout my link in bio ✔👍😃
301 - 2017 NPC Ohio State Open Bikini Class C 3rd Place💛 Words will never be able to express how much this season has meant for me. For now, we celebrate! 🙌🏼 #beautyfit #scoobyprep #roosterstrong #contestprep #kentuckymuscle #kentuckygirl #npc #ifbb #npcbikini #bodybuilding #physique #goals #courage #challenge #motivation #fitfam #fitgirls #girlswholift #empower #encourage #fitness #womenpreneur #inspiration #lifestyle #npcohiostate
239 - "Are you going to sell your ethereum?" Me: Absolutely fucking not.
145 - Hoy lleve a mi princesa a conectarse con la naturaleza como deberíamos hacerlo todos ya que mientras mas conexión tengamos mas entenderemos que debemos amarla, cuidarla y protegerla, la madre tierra en estos días nos ha enviado varios mensajes importantes y debemos escucharlos, Yo por mi parte estoy enseñando a mi hija lo importante de cuidar la natura, ademas de vivir una experiencia única al llevarla a el Avila una montaña impresionante que Dios nos regalo a los Caraqueños y la cual he amado y apreciado toda mi vida, de hecho en mi history verán mi nuevo Tatto dedicado tanto a esa montaña como a mi princesa amada! Dios bendiga la naturaleza y todos aquellos que la cuidan y protegen! #MarcoNardi #avila #naturaleza #love
121 - So proud of my friend @jennybelushi and love her gorgeous @poppystore! ❤️ #LiveAndGlowWithNyakio
62 - #100WERKDays 23/100 Real I am who I am. You see, I'm the chick who can turn up and network like a BOSS while dressed in 90s gear with my boo at the Be Unstoppable Experience hosted by @timeeshaduncan . . And then wake up at 6 am on a Sunday to get my face beat so I can smack the stage at the Be Unstoppable Experience. Sooo, if you're concerned about "sharing too much of you," lemme tell you this: You will collect more coins, relate to more people and change more lives when you put your whole entire self in your business. Smack the link in my bio and let me show you how to write with authority and own your voice. #shotsfired
49 - Some moments from yesterday's 1st annual Womenpreneur Pop Up Shop. You guys were amazing! Thank you all❣️ #poshanddistinguished #womenpreneur #popupshop #shoplocal757 #support
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