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10477 - This heat is killing me..just need a cold shower to cool down a bit.
2810 - Nog 20 dagen tot #OnsEK ! Op 16 juli spelen de @oranjeleeuwinnen de openingswedstrijd tegen Noorwegen in Utrecht. #oranjeleeuwinnen #training #knvbcampus #trainingskamp
2799 - @sherlyn_fitness: One of the answers to WHY YOU'RE STILL NOT LOSING YOUR TUMMY FAT after working out and eating clean for years! Postures matters a lot! I was in ballet for 10 years and this is what our teacher taught us in the class. Left : The arch might hurt your back. If you can, try to tighten your core and tuck your butt in and stomach in to form a straight line when you stand just like the one shown in the middle. Middle : Sometimes we admire people for having nice body, but how you stand actually brings out the aura in you. Just like Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman. Her standing posture is so nice! It will not just make you look confident but at the same time helps to bring out the charisma in you. Right : I've seen so many people stand like this including myself! I have to constantly remind myself not to do this. Your tummy will look big and bloated when you stand like this even though it's not. This happens especially when you're an OL, who sits in the office in front of a computer for long hours. And when you're standing this way you kept wondering why are you not losing tummy fat. . . Sometimes how we stand talks a lot about ourselves. I used to be standing like the pic on the right, and also kept apologizing for nothing, sorry here sorry there. I would also use my hands to cover my mouth when I talk. I hid at the very back when there were any photographs taken. It's a sign of low self esteem and low confidence! . . Stand up straight girls! And take a good look at yourself. You might be already there! Instead of admiring others and beating yourself down, why not look at your strength & focus on maximizing your strength instead of focusing on your weakness and try to be someone else! Stop apologizing if you're one of those people who always do that! Apologize only if you mean it. And no, you're not as bad as what you think you are most of the time!
2302 - Just a reminder to love your body how it is, at all stages in your life, whether you are gaining/losing weight, currently pregnant or post partum etc. The body is fascinating on how it brings new life into the world, protects us, fights diseases, builds muscle etc and we should take care of it because its the only one we have! Anyways I'm going a little off track now but my main point is I like to keep it real with you guys. I don't feel the need to dress up and put a full face of make up for every picture because 99% of the time I walk around bare faced with my hair up lol & as soon as I walk through my door the fringe is up & I'm into my pjs😎 Yes majority of the time us girls (and guys!) work the angles and lighting on pictures to make ourselves look more flattering but I will never go to the extreme of making my photos look perfect or editing them because to me it's not realisitic & it definitely wouldn't represent how I look in person & I certainly wouldn't want to mislead people. This is just my personal perference as the message I send out to everyone is surrounding body posivity & self love so I always want my pictures to be 100% real🤗💖
2157 - Nie jest super,ale jest kolosalna różnica dla mnie samej. Może kiedyś uda mi się opanować stanie na rękach do tego stopnia,ze nie będzie się do czego przyczepić,ale to długa droga. Pamiętam jak panikowalam i nie potrafiłam nawet porządnie się wybić wiedząc,że za mną są drabinki/ściana. Wybicie się na ziemi z asekuracja jak na filmiku graniczyło z cudem,bo żeby spróbować zbierałam się 5 minut do każdej proby😂 Na razie jest malutki progres umiejętności,ale duży progres jeśli chodzi o strach ☺ @milczy_workoutlife dziękuję 💖 #girl #polishgirl #fit #fitgirl #fitness #handstand #balance #workout #training #passion #motivation #strength #instagood #instadaily #body #bodygoals #followme #progress #happy #couple #fitcouple
2138 - Have a great Monday! For my FREE 4 Week Glute/Lower Body Program visit my blog - link in bio #monday #fitness #powerlifting #glutes #health #jeans #denim #workout #training #fitspo #motivation #dedication #girl #girlswholift #danish #denmark
1779 - Sky High.. . . Add me on Snapchat for exclusive pics and training and diet tips: thedanielsky 👻 Check out @alphaonelabs for the supplements I use every workout! Use discount code 'DSKY' when checking out for 10% of all supplements 💪🏼😜😜 #fitness #bodybuilding #gym #workout #train #training #model #lifestyle #staymotivated #gains #motivation #shredded #healthy #abs #danielsky #physique #muscle #australia #boy #body #malemodel #dedication #sixpack #sydney #transformation #onlinecoach #fatloss #fit #sexy
1732 - Tudatos táplálkozás + rendszeres mozgás! Ez a TITOK❤️ Az edzés ma sem maradt el😉✌️️ Minden gyakorlatot 25ismétléssel végeztem 4körben❤️ Hasznàld ki a jò időt : napozás + sport egyben☀️😍☀️ #alakreform #summer #training #mylife
1056 - Выход Конора на второй бой с Нэйтом Диазом, под комментарии самого МакГрегора и экспертов UFC 💬 ▫У нас @TheNotoriousMMA говорит на Русском ▫Подписывайся на @McGregor_Perevod если интересно наблюдать за Ирландским чемпионом UFC #видео #россия #dublin #ireland #конормакгрегор #конор #макгрегор #conormcgregor #mcgregor #notorious #themaclife #ufc #mma #boxing #fight #gq #training #sbg
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