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6203 - "I am currently covering the #Glastonbury 2017 Festival at Worthy Farm, Somerset for Getty Images News and was on site shooting the #sunset the night before the gates opened to the public. As I was doing so, four campsite stewards who were enjoying a welcome break before their work began, started taking selfies and jumping in the air. It turns out they were in fact student cheerleaders from Bournemouth University hence the synchronised shape to their jump." - @mattcardy | June 20, 2017 | #GettyImagesNews
5845 - Half expecting a unicorn to appear any moment 🦄 #thatview #cottoncandy #skies #sunset #unicorn 📷: @dotzsoh
1288 - Вот сколько себя помню, никогда не любил магазины и "шопинг" 😅 Перспектива изнурительных, двухчасовых походов по торговым центрам всегда ввергала меня в ужас 🙈 Так что для меня идеальный вариант - посмотреть одежду на сайте, взять на заметку пару понравившихся вещей и смело отправляться на 15 минутную примерку 😉 По такому принципу у меня и оказалась эта шикарная толстовка от @ohmy_ru 😍 На данный момент, ребята уже работают в тестовом режиме, а 1-го июля обещают официальное открытие на Стремянной 11 👍🏻 - А Вы любите "шопинг"? 💁🏼‍♂️ - З.Ы. Кому интересно, артикул толстовки #ohmy1311 🙌🏻 - #shotoniphone7 / #Ohmyrussia #buildingporn #livefolk #liveauthentic #kudagospb #houseportrait #huntgramrussia #seekthesimplicity #illgrammers #instagramrussia #trottermag #thecreatorclass #инстаграмнедели #thegreatoutdoors #finditliveit #photorussia #symmetrykillers #rsa_architecture #huntgram #urbanlandscape #streetview #инстаграмнедели #sunset #strideby #lovepetersburg #spbonthealert #rooftop #rooftop_spb #huntgram #instagramrussia
1280 - Photo by @katiey22 who said "So many beautiful things. Trying to capture them all is like trial and error with photography. I always leave these places thinking that photos will never do it justice. I always second guess my photography skills or the "eye" for the best angle and composition. And sometimes I don't care. Because at the end of the day I am just glad I was able to experience it in person and have that memory. Mother Nature gives us these incredible views and moments in life. No better reason than that to keep them protected for future generations". Another one of our finalists for the #JTNPphotocontest We think you have a great "eye" @katiey22!
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