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11093 - Heading out for a BBQ!!! ☀️🌴 Hope you are having a great day 🌻
9284 - Okay I'm sorry I liked this one (indecisive woman problems) Firstly thank you so all of you who told me about yourselves felt that much closer to you 💕 I don't think this holiday can come any sooner ! My body needs rest so badly. My left calf is in so much pain so I couldn't even finish my workout which made me feel so s*** and my stomach has been ridiculously bloated lately causing so much discomfort. I'm usually the one telling people around me to not stress about not finishing a workout or feeling rough and I should really be telling myself the same and stop being such an idiot and beating myself up about it. I need to be on the beach with some coconut water and my hunky chunky. I will be traveling this Saturday. All emails and client plans will proceed as normal whilst away, please don't hesitate to email you come first ⭐️
5610 - Si se les pasó la hora de la merienda, acá se le los resuelvo con esta belleza👆 No sean egoístas y mencionemos a los panas endietados🔥😂
3727 - fat guys are better at cuddling but fit guys better at sex...?😏. _ #instagood #myprotein #shredzarmy
3664 - Oh me? I like to throw my hair in a bun and casually stroll the beaches of SoCal.. hbu? . 📸 @kingaustinray @kylerjackson_dedfit
3296 - #MorningsBeLike ... Cameo appearance by my very good boy 😍😂 I've been losing weight and shrinking, and aside from protein, creatine, and having a gym in every state I go to, @flattummytea Has been helping me get the #summerbody that I want, by keeping my bloat away. They are having a 20% sale right now so check them out #flattummytea #ad #slimthick #curvy #thicc #thick #bodypositive #mycalvins #calvinklein
2679 - 🔥 summertime fine 🔥
2465 - Hoch die Hände, Wochenende🙆🏼 @janisview und ich sind auf dem Weg nach Berlin ins @tropicalislandsresort 🌴 Leider sitzen wir aufgrund des Sturms noch eine Stunde in Stuttgart auf dem Rollfeld fest🤦🏼‍♀️ Aber wir haben trotzdem einen rießen Spaß zusammen😅 Das Wochenende wird toll😍 Habt ihr auch diese eine beste Freundin, mit der einfach alles Spaß macht?👯💗 P.S Das hier sollte natürlich ein super cooles Sprungbild werden🙄😅🙈 . . #bestfriendsforever #gypsylife #instafriendship #0711 #happygirls #girlswhoworkout #happyandhealthy #qualitytime #ombrehair #germanblogger #fitfamde #fitgirls #stronggirls #stuttgart #positivevibesonly #friendshipgoals #beachgirl #philippinen #baegoals #wantitmore #casualstyle #lifeisbetteratthebeach #fitnessblogger #gesundessen #summerbody #abgerechnetwirdamstrand #adaywellspent #happygirlsaretheprettiest #summer2017 #summervibes
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