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7206 - Too often we tend to speak about what we don't have. Focus on the things you already have and be grateful for it. If you don't have it now you will get it later in life! . ________________________ www.marcolaterza.com . Snapchat: 👻marcolaterza1 . Youtube: 🎥Marco Laterza . Facebook Page: 🔹Marco Laterza
3190 - Monday is here so let's start STRONG!!! For the ones who haven't seen my IG story, as part of my way to thank you for being here supporting, I'm running a 50% OFF on my online coaching and this will be the last one before launching my website... Nowadays, you can buy fake abs, you can buy fake glutes...but thank god you still CAN'T buy a conditioned back. Or the symmetry you get from training your ass off with proper technique and diet. Next time you watch your next "fitness model crush" look deeper, too many fit tea bunnies with 0 knowledge or real bodies backing them up! Stay real, stay committed and let's work our asses off!!! This journey is about to get more Real... 📸 @inline_photography MUA: @franceglam ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #fitgirl #mondaymotivation #hiit #hardwork #goals #motivationmonday #realtalk #strongnotskinny #strongwomen #women #bikinimodel #bikini #fitspo #summer #gymmotivation #beachvibes #back #muscle #positive #positivevibes #healthylifestyle #shredded #athlete #healthy
2956 - ⚠️ New from @oneathletic Trifecta tee in night blue ⚠️ - Literally find myself wearing oneathletic day in day out recently, the Trifecta range is next level, not to mention the tees fit perfectly to complement your physique 😎 check them out people!
2109 - The picture on the left of Marky Mark is a classic. I bet everyone has seen it before. He had an ideal physique for a lot of people, myself included. The one on the right was taken by accident. I was just acting weird and thought Paula was texting but she was actually taking a picture of me 😂. I've had it on my phone for nearly 6 months and just came to the realization of how similar the pose is to the classic Marky Mark one so I had to put this together. That's what happens when you never delete pictures from your phone 😁. Was Marky Mark ever a goal physique for any of you?
2076 - Putting in work will always lead to results. @2xu #2xu | Song is Grindin' by @nfrealmusic
1033 - Daily Fitness Hacks and Inspiration 💪 Tag a friend to share 👇 - Follow @hacksforfitness for more! - credit: @gymresident
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