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259 - ITS HAPPENING: this bitch will be living w @kaaospotato in Brooklyn (ridgewood???) after January 3, her and I both are gonna die lol (OUR DOGS ARE GONNA BE BEST FRIENDS) #shitsgettingreal
198 - You can always make me smile!... to many more years of laughter my love, Last night was such a dream to have our families come together to celebrate chris n I engagement! We are beyond greatful for all the love we had around us that beautiful day! Thank you to everyone who came to support us through this next chapter in our love story! GET READY CUZ ITS GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A JOURNEY!! #shitsgettingreal #itsyogirllowpes
180 - Den här känslan är helt obeskrivlig🙏 När man har slitit och kämpat ett helt jäkla lopp och äntligen får sin medalj. Sjukt att en liten metallbit kan betyda så mycket. @toughestrace #toughest #medal #qualifier #race #happyrunner #ocrathlete #instarunners #kickass #lifepoints
156 - If anything, all this picture does is vindicate how my life choice as a distance runner over a sprinter was a good idea 😂🤔 S/O to my girl @sammynsilva who gets the best host award... From showing me around the Nike headquarters where I finally got to do a workout on the prestigious Michael Johnson track... to taking me to some top notch food places in the heart of Portland, because she knows how I do! 💁🏼 It has certainly been a whirlwind few days of last minute trips but I'm now back in the UK after a final 5 month stint of crazy in the USA; my student-athlete adventure has come to an actual end! 😳 #nowwhat #shitsgettingreal #endofanera
135 - Sneak peek of our first photo shoot together 🌻 thank you @danaarnoldphotography !! So excited to see the rest of the photos 😋 #meetthebonhams #shitsgettingreal 📸
134 - Gotta have those... 9 months, last day of work before "mom-cation" cuz baby girl is on her way selfies 😂🤳🏼👸🏽👶🏽 #9monthspregnant #LastDayOfWork #BabyGirl #ShesReady #ShitsGettingReal
113 - Last bridal shower was amaaazing! Thanks for everyone who came I am seriously SO loved💕 t-minus 13 days. #shitsgettingreal 👰🏼🤵🏽
84 - Officially on my last week of work! In 2 more days I handover my phone and my laptop and go completely offline with work for a whole year! It’s actually kinda scary considering I’ve worked full time since I was 16. Can’t wait to start my new job as a Mum! #shitsgettingreal
16 - When you are taking your warm up really seriously..... #shitsgettingreal #sillypeople #crossfitgirls @ninaeast your a donut 😂😂
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