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350 - Not proud of how i did it but… so glad I made it. Choose to believe that i’ve made more good memories than bad decisions. And more good friends than regrets. Last 4 years has been a real enjoyable ride, but thank God I’m out of here. 🤚🏾👋🏾🤚🏾 #shitisreal #hobolife P.s. thank you @adenexia @leggyong for being my saviours-cum-tutors in this last year. Not even joking when i say i wouldn’t have graduated without you two 😘😘😘 📷: @poppinglenny
161 - My current situation right now, it's not fun anymore feeling very overwhelmed with all the clutter. Am I becoming a hoarder ✔ Do I have a problem ✔ #blurayhoarder #blurayaddict #blurayjunkie #shitisreal
114 - This came as a surprise when you broke the news (coming from a person who does not believe in marriage) two weeks before this day and that you were moving out. I immediately told you that I felt some emptiness in my heart not because the house is going to be less crowded but because it almost feels like I'm losing someone close to me, one less person I could confide in anytime of the day/ someone that I could nua with. At the same time I was overwhelmed with happiness for the both of you, y'all managed to sail through even the roughest seas. That's when I came to realisation that nobody is losing anyone, but in fact we are gaining one more family member. Please stay blissful forever and conquer the world together. Congratulations to my Beautiful Sister, and my new Brother, Ben, Welcome to the fam! Love you guys ❤️ #shitisreal
88 - L’isola delle tartarughe . #kusu #turtleisland #shitisreal
61 - How to be vegeterian when you can smell it through the picture😭😑💢seriously? #missyou 🍢 #meat 🍖 #shitisreal#survive
16 - Curried butternut squash soup #vegan #mealprep #shitisreal
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