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1160 - Frog hole swallowed 42's no problem! #krawlinforcops2017 #rauschcreek #jku
235 - Go to test my rears after installing my Aussie locker in the front and I welding my rear diff. Blew my yoke apart but one thing is for sure my #adamsdriveshafts didn't break!! Already put another yoke in tonight and almost ready for #rauschcreek tomorrow
69 - I had an absolute blast today on the initial shakedown run of all the new parts! It's so incredibly rewarding to have all the time and energy you pour into something work exactly the way it should. Definitely learned a lot today and know what I need to change before the next trip! Oh and these 37" #pitbulltires are absolutely AWESOME aired down on the rocks, can't wait to get things dialed in and play with air pressure to get them just where they need to be. #toyota #straightaxle #rauschcreek #pitbulltires
57 - had a blast today hopefully tomarrow will be just as good! #rauschcreek #eastcoastbroncoroundup #juckfeep #sentit @ford_bronco_nation_ @fordbroncodaily
52 - My badge finally made it on the Jeep after waiting for over a year. #rauschcreek #trail11 #BadgeOfHonor #jeepmom #offroad
31 - Thanks @wendydubbs_pa_jeep for the pic!
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