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7285 - Reading Raymond Chandler, the writer whoes words are like a waterfall, cool, straightforward, sharp and thrilling. I enjoy alot to reading his books. #asuhsworld وقتی مغزم احتیاج به استراحت داره داستانهای کارگاهی میخونم. خوندن کتابہای ریموند چندلر مثل آبشار روان، باحال، تند و بی پردہ و هیجان انگیزه. معنی استراحت کردن برای من خوابیدن و بیکار بودن نیست، استراحت کردن یعنی کاری که برام لذت بخش باشہ روحمو بہ وجد بیارہ و انرژی بدہ . شما چی فکر میکنید در مورد استراحت کردن؟
5268 - LAST MINUTE VACATION 🍃 @hideoutlightroom Last single nights available for July. Get lost and find what was missing in your life. Secret hint - nature, sunshine, bathing with essential oils and a proper book reading. 👀 (7.7. / 10.7. / 20.7. ) _____________ 📷@reisjunk
4602 - We are always excited to welcome new members to the EarthRoamer family. Here is a photo from our most recent delivery with the proud new owners of this 2017 XV-LTS. We wish Wayne and Chris the best on their adventures in their new EarthRoamer! #earthroamer #roamtheearth #luxury #explore #travel #adventure #offgrid #offroad
1877 - Propane Tank Vented Locker & Second Slide-Out are in!
1064 - So tired after a long day, Luna has conquered the Alps... Amazing! We did do most of it in 2nd mind 😁 still we are here now, high in the mountains and sleeping next to a beautiful a river shrouded in pine forests. Tomorrow we are climbing the mountain up to Hitler's Eagle nest. Should be a very challenging and interesting day.
989 - Bigger isn't always better <3 #love #tinylifestyle
564 - Happy Thursday! Although my auto correct almost changed that to hairy Thursday! 😂 Finally doing all the adult things like replying to emails after the BEST week of fun before adventures later, because all the best grown ups eat jelly snakes for breakfast right?! Also, I cleared out a bunch of my clothes this week, and came to the realisation that all I own are blue sweaters, denim cut offs and yoga pants... #rollingoffice
477 - Bannocks browning nicely by the fire. The trick is the five second rule as well as monitoring and adjusting the heat if necessary. The easiest way to do the latter is moving the breads closer or further as required. #frontierbushcraft
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