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894 - With the show completed and my year fat loss transformation completed, I want to share with you guys my favorite/most meaningful transformation photos. ➖➖ I took the left photo in my basement, on July 15th of 2016 and the right photo on June 24th 2017 the day before the competition. When I took the left photo I had the intention of replicating it down the road with a leaner physique and kind of silly but a huge motivator during the diet was working to stand next to the old me of July 15th in a photo and leave myself breath taken. ➖➖ Initially I thought it would take maybe a few months. But my coach @chris_elkins helped me to realize fat loss is slow and steady, especially to retain muscle mass and strength. I know it can seem like forever on a slow diet and the tendency is to get impatient, but the reality is doing a slower diet, not restricting calories off the bat, and slowly dropping is mentally and physically much much less taxing. ➖➖ Truth be told, during my year long diet I did not even feel like I was dieting for a good portion of it because my calories were still decently high for so long. The idea of dieting and changing body composition is to eat as much food as possible while still dropping weight. Not immediately launching yourself into a giant deficit to achieve quick fat loss. This leads to health issues and a plateau in weight, which to break you'd have to continue venturing into lower calories, which is not a recommended idea. ➖➖ Be patient and soak in your journey. Before you know it a year goes by and it feels like nothing. I sit here now THANKING myself that I took things slow because not only did I retain a great deal of muscle but it was just a very sustainable process that kept me feeling great a majority of the time. The best diet is not the one you will suffer on for 8 weeks then stop because its unsustainable. It is the one that is sustainable, promotes longevity, and one you can undoubtably be consistent with while still maintaining balance and health. ➖➖ Could not have done this without everyone's positive words and support. Both from loved ones and my incredible Instagram community. This has been the greatest experience of my life.
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