296 - Am I a trophy wife? You bet I am! And let me tell you why you should be one too. ••• We are survivors by nature, and it's in our genes letting the best mate win our attention. Love is not a sacrifice you offer to your mate, but it is a response to the highest virtues and values in him/her. It's so silly to say "I love him for his flaws." It's like saying I love donuts because they are fattening🙄 You love donuts, or someone convenient, because of the momentary fill and satisfaction it gives, not because it has any real value. But once you go down that path, you lose a part of your self-respect, and you settle. Settling then leads to self-hate and all the misery for everyone that comes with it.😱 So yes 💯 I am a calculating trophy wife who picked her mate based on his qualities that I personally value, like he is the best at what he does and has a strength of character. And, in response, I also try to be someone he could also admire, respect, and love. I believe this is the only way to have a real lasting relationship - to be a trophy for each other.🏆 ••• What are your thoughts on that?))
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