157 - When they reminisce over u, my God. Original flick P sent me from prison when we were running his HNIC2 website. Prodigy was the first rapper to live stream to his fans from a mobile phone almost 10 years ago, word to #Kyte . P loved technology and dove into everything we worked on. Every time I showed him something new his reaction was always "that's illlll son" Thanks @krich200 🙏🏽 #ripprodigy
139 - Heard about the stick competition on Instagram and thought we'd turn up the heat! The boys in the back can attest this was first try. One up this @samuelmikulak and @jake_dalton if you can😏 #firsttryfridays #Kyte +Tomas.vs.Jake+Sam
137 - Flying #kyte #kytesurf
131 - Жека и его птица. #nofilter #zlatnirat #kyte
125 - No se ve casi nada 😂😂😂 Pero un pequeño punto en ese universo de mar soy yo ,-) intentando conseguir mantenerme más de 10 metros de pie mientras la cometa me lleva hacia Essaouira por qué apenas controlo la dirección 😎😎😎 Thats it! Learning #kyte #tarifa #cadiz
121 - Big Baje Kyte💨 Any experience flying or making a #kyte ?
99 - #mydubai #kyte # 🇦🇪😊❤️
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