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38 - Hey guys I'm sorry i haven't been posting. I just started school and things are still going rather fast. If you have a comission from me It will not get done this week. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I am so stressed out from the beginning of school and I'm hoping that it'll even out in the second week. Doodles will be coming. My art teacher gave me a new sketchbook so ;^) ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
36 - I feel so sappy rn and life is moving so slow. I love all of you guys. Really. Were all family here in this community. I want to make sure you all are happy and i want to make sure that my influence in this community is good. We can do good things together, and really you all belong here. I dont care who you are. Papa kyle loves you. ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
36 - Off to go get an emergency passport today. Lol I cant anymore. If i cant get a passport today i dont know what im going to do. ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
31 - TWO WEEK HIATUS NOTICE - Im going to europe from today through the 3rd of july and ill be back then. I wont be posting alot on hete due to bad internet and signals in general. Dont worry though. Ill be doodling alot down there and ill make sure to show everything i doodle when i return. Thank you all for understanding. ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
30 - Guys I just really liked this sorry ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
29 - ✨ ☆ #kytalk #deletelater
24 - Girl, come show me your true colors. Paint me a picture with your true colors. ● #kytalk #selfie
19 - Actually went outside ● #kytalk #selfie
13 - 👦👶 ● #kytalk #selfie
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