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674 - Who said you can't have a fully equipped kitchen in your van? 😉 At home we're used to eating 🍕 at least once a week so having a working oven was definitely a must. The fridge is quite big and still very low in power demand AND it has a big freezer so we can stock up on ice cream and popsicles! We chose to go all electrical/solar powered 🌞 so we have an induction cooking top which works like a charm (everything heats up so quickly! = less cooking time = less nutrients cooked to death = fresher food 👌) And ofcourse we have a proper espresso machine for our daily fix and serving #entrevaneurcoffee ☕ Best part of our van for sure 😁 Btw, we did the rooftop window ourselves! If you need any tips for your build we're happy to share our experiences! #entrevaneur
299 - So excited to have @madeleinemm working on the @vanlifediaries documentary project. What a great ride this is turning out to be. Here's a pic from the Bells Beach gathering last weekend. #vanlife #vwbus #instavan
113 - Respond to every call that excites your spirit. #tooclichéforyou #vancity #vanhalen #vanillasky #instavan
83 - After-surf homecooked meals on our terrace are the best 😁 I love how vanlife allows (and kinda forces) you to be extra creative when cooking because, well, sometimes all you have in the cupboard/fridge are a can of chickpeas, a can of salmon, some rice, eggs and a piece of bell pepper. So you make salmon fish cakes and egg fried rice with curried chickpeas and drink an ice cold beer. It's all good. #entrevaneur
21 - When even your new pj's have #campervans on them 😂🚙 #vanlove #campervanlife #romahome #instavan xx
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