44 - "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."- F. Scott Fitzgerald. Happy Fall y'all! Come out and enjoy the best season of the year with some good scenery while getting your ears lowered 203 689 5967 #lisalissalon #guilfordct #barber #haircutsbythesea #rosasorchards
44 - I don't cut kids; I serve young gentleman. And Liam's definitely becoming one of my favorite regs haha. At the office til 7 folks 203 689 5967 #lisalissalon #barber #haircutsbythesea #guilfordct #thesenator
38 - "The Look". Evidently I still do it haha. I love how the transition from tattooing to barbering played out. A great friend of mine once said "you're NOT a barber, you're an artist with hair, and that's not a cheesy compliment or way of saying that, it's just the way you are." And it's true. I don't attack haircuts like a barber, I go at them from a tattooers/ artist approach, mapping out the whole thing mentally first then applying it. I do love the transition from fine art to subtractive sculpture as well, because there's still that feeling of "chasing the dragon" to achieve a great haircut like there was with applying a great tattoo. The two crafts run very parallel and often go hand in hand, and I'm so happy to have found the same feeling of satisfaction with being a barber that I did while doing actual art on people. A true jerk of all trades haha. At the office til 7 folks 203 689 5967 #lisalissalon #barber #guilfordct #haircutsbythesea
36 - Lowering ears and beating up lil kids. My job pretty much rules. Always a rad time hangin with The Senator #lisalissalon #barber #haircutsbythesea #layrite #liamforsenate2016
26 - Barbering is not just bald fades and hardparts. It's not just giant pomps or the latest trend. It's about the patrons. Dan and Liam stopped by today and I was honored to cut both father and son before their boys night out. When I was Liam's age, going to my uncle's barbershop with my dad was one of my favorite things to do. You got to feel like one of the adults, you got to hear bad words and really funny jokes. But it was that special bond between father and son that made it fun. So glad to keep that tradition going, thanks a million fellas!! Mood: nostalgic Music: The Animals -Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood #lisalissalon #barber #guilfordct #haircutsbythesea #traditionalbarber
25 - Super fun way to end the night. Tapered Gentleman's Cut on Mike, great to meet you my man and travel down memory lane with the hardcore scene from years ago, super proud that we got to enjoy it when it was golden. Stay right with Layrite good sir! #lisalissalon #barber #guilfordct #layrite #haircutsbythesea
20 - There is nothing wrong with blocking a nape when outlining a haircut. However the bottom left is exactly how NOT to do it. If you want to go to the chains for a haircut, go for it. You get what you pay for. I'd be ashamed if I let ANYONE out of my chair looking like that. Good grief. Fixing wackass haircuts til 5 folks 203 689 5967 #lisalissalon #guilfordct #barber #haircutsbythesea #noschoolliketheoldschool
19 - #haircutoftheday "if I could put chicken grease in my hair I would." Good morning n Happy Saturday y'all! I have a couple openings throughout the morning if you need a last minute haircut, they're finger lickin goooood 203 689 5967 #lisalissalon #barber #guilfordct #haircutsbythesea
19 - Super fun undercut and beard cleanup on Shane from earlier today. The irony of two guys that never met before living 10min away from each other and coming together in the Getleman's Club haha. Pleasure to meet you my man, have fun in Mystic #lisalissalon #barber #guilfordct #haircutsbythesea
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