5456 - Strength doesn't come from winning... Strength comes from struggling 👊🏽💪🏽👊🏽 #TeamOrtizSW #workout4life #calisthenics #gravitydxb
324 - Can you even handstand bro? Check out @JustinShape's inversion class. Here are the rules to the game. Tag a friend you'd like to play with. ___ HANDSTAND CATCH🤸🏻‍♂️ Rules are simple Have people partner up in 2 The partner doesn't matter just figure out who is holding handstand and who is supporting. At the start, all handstanders kick up and are spotted by the runner. When the game master says "switch!" You move and catch the person to your left. If the person you are supposed to catch falls, YOU ARE BOTH OUT, MOVE QUICKLY OUT OF THE WAY. The game continues with spaces growing larger between players. Last man standing wins Make sure to switch roles as well! Give it a try next time you have a large group of handstanding folk beginner or advanced. #handstands #gravitydxb #handbalance #inversions #handstandgames
208 - Mannequin Challenge @gravitydxb 🙌🏼 #mannequinchallenge #gravitydxb
105 - Pregnant Gains 👶 💪💯🙌 @tracey134 - Promised @muscleupryan I'd do this challenge but had to swap out the straight bar dips for p-bar dips due to my growing tummy getting in the way. And for some strange reason decided I had to do 20 instead of 15. Took me almost 2.5mins to do 20 Australian rows and 20 p-bar dips (didn't quite make the 60secs deadline 😆). Arms now like jelly! #14daycalisthenics #PumaME #PumaWomen #gravitydxb #prenatalworkout
97 - My very first strict muscle-up 😍 now I need to perfect this move. Everything is possible at @gravitydxb #muscleup #babysteps #worldofcalisthenics #woc #gravitydxb
59 - Great parkour lesson from this American Beast! Had a great time at Gravity DXB and will definitely go back to train! Shoutout to @miralbushnaq @algurg22 @justinshape and @joshuaray360 - These 4 making my introduction to Gravity an experience! Appreciate it guys! Will need some photos with you next time. #calisthenics #dxbblogger #dxbfitfam #parkour #gravitydxb
57 - Обезьянка на турнике 😄 #смешно #дубайскийвечер #gravitydxb #park
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